About Open Hands

The Open Hands Trust exists to make a powerful and lasting difference in the lives of those it serves, where every life is valued and compassion is given to and through people. Only 10 minutes walk from one of the fastest growing city centres in the UK, The Open Hands Trust, established in 2006, serves a community as diverse as Britain itself with over 100 nationalities passing through its doors and engaging in its activities.

In May 2009, the Trust opened a Compassion Centre in a converted garage, which has welcomed thousands of guests to sessions, meals and courses.

In March 2012 we brought all of the work to one site, by extending into the other garage units next to the Compassion Centre on Highfield Street.

At regular weekly sessions those visiting with referrals are able to access clothes, furniture, household items and baby equipment. A free cafe serving hot toast, drinks and snacks is open to all. Everyone is welcomed and given excellent service from trained workers in an atmosphere of value and acceptance.

The Trust is overseen by a strong and diverse group of Trustees, a Senior Manager and management group, an Operations Manager and over a hundred trained volunteers.

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